What's Here?

Children's Play area

We have a very well equipped children's play area that is popular with our younger visitors.  This is  a dog free zone and there is space and benches to sit and enjoy a picnic or a well earned rest while the children play safely. Our playground is 'super but is not supervised' so all children should be accompanied by an adult.

Outdoor Gym Equipment for Adults & Older cHildren

This equipment is very popular with many of our visitors who are looking for a 'complete workout' in the outdoors. There are important height restrictions so young children should not use this equipment.

One of our items of gym equipment

Fitness Trail 

There is  a variety of exercise equipment around the field and this is very popular with both adults and children who visit us.  Several of our local GP's have recommended that their patients use our fitness trail as part of a treatment plan.

There are a number of lecterns on the field giving information about the flora and fauna at the recreation ground


A defibrillator has been installed on the entrance drive. This life saving equipment serves not only the recreation ground but also the homes in the surrounding area. If this equipment is required please contact the relevent emergency service. 


Wildlife Educational area

With the assistance of the Cory Environmental Trust and our own fundraising efforts we have established an interactive wildlife educational area. This educational resource informs all visitors about the local flora and fauna that inhabit the recreation ground. 

There are also a number of information lecturns that display images and information about our wildlife.  

The seating areas here model some of the creatures that can be found and the equipment and games enable children to explore and interact with nature.

Our bug hotel is just one part of this area

Wildflower Meadow

A few years ago we began creating a small wildflower area. This is establishing very well with both annual and perennial wildflowers. 

Wildflowers planted from seed

Main Field

This large area is excellent for a variety of ball games and picnics.