What time are you open from and until?

The park is accessible to pedestrians at all times and for vehicles from 08:00. We close to vehicles at 19:30 during British Summer Time and at 17:30 during the winter months. 

Do you have parking?

We do have parking but it is limited so please consider alternative ways of getting to us. We also have two spaces for Blue Badge holders. We are situated next to a school so the car park is very busy at drop off and pick up times.

Do you have a cafe?

We don't have a cafe but the ice cream man is often on site and sells teas, coffees and soft drinks.

Are there toilets at the park?

Unfortunately not. We are a small charity and the cost of providing and running toilet facilities is too high for us. 

Are dogs welcome?

We love dogs! They are very welcome but not inside the children's play area. Please remember to always pick up after your dog and keep them under control at all times. 

If I have a problem whilst at the park who can I contact?

There is a notice board situated at the top of the drive on the left hand side with contact telephone numbers .

If you need the Emergency Services the Postcode for them to get to you is: B74 3BE.

What can I and can't I bring ?

These rules are for the safety of all field users and in compliance with insurance and/or the law

  • Picnics are fine but no BBQ's or fires.
  • Ball games are great but not golf or hard-ball or cricket, and sorry, no studded shoes.
  • Mobility scooters can obviously be used but no other type of powered vehicle such as ATV's 'hover boards' etc. are allowed.
  • No Drones, helicopters or other flying vehicles/models.
  • No horses    

Can I advertise at the park?

Sorry but no. 

Can I run a club at the park such as sport or exercise or hold an event? 

Sorry, we do not allow clubs to meet on a regular basis due to the limited parking we have. Events are at the discretion of the Committee but would need to be very small and for a charitable cause to be considered. To make a request please contact us through the link on the homepage.