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Charity Management


Who manages the park?

Ever wondered why there are donation boxes at the recreation ground? You will find them as you enter from the car park and at the entrance to the play area. Well, we need your money! The recreation ground is managed by a charity funded by your donations, profits from 'Party in the Park' and grant funding that we have managed to secure over the years. We also receive some financial and other support from Shenstone Parish Council who own the land, but the park is managed by the Little Aston Recreation Ground Association (LARGA). It is not run by the council but by volunteers who are passionate about providing a green space for the local community to enjoy and for wildlife and flora to flourish within. Click here to read more about our history. 


How we manage our charity now

The Little Aston Recreation Ground Association (LARGA) is a small local charity that manages all aspects of the park. There are presently fourteen trustees who form the main Executive Management Committee and we meet together on a monthly basis throughout the year. We are all volunteers.

As a charity, we are registered with the Charity Commission - (charity number 1051243) - and our work is carried out in accordance with our constitution that has been approved by them.

In addition to our monthly meetings we are all involved in various aspects of the park's management and development. There are many different tasks including horticultural work, grounds maintenance, monitoring the play equipment and providing new equipment. We have to respond to a number of issues on a day to day basis. Our committee also organise events for the local community although we are not a community association. The largest is our very successful and popular Party in the Park. This super event is organised by a separate team known as a subcommittee but many of the members are also trustees of LARGA's Executive Management Committee.

Our Wildlife events are also very popular with visitors and these are usually organised each year involving our own committee members and working with specialist organisations. They are informative and a fun learning experience for both children and their families.


LARGA Committee Members

Chair - Phil Berry   

Vice Chair - David Salter

Secretary - Lisa Breeze

Treasurer - Ruth Pegler     

Trustees - Jean Wilson, Ivor Sanderson, Charles Fordham, Lisa Deeming. Claire Soden. Alistair Paul, Denise Anderson, Tony Power, Jo Tibbins,Diana Berry